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guap — 10/28/2023 3:50 AM

since goblin hand delivered got it 2-3 hours after ordering. Works amazing and looks even better 11/10 worth the price

update 10/31: no matter how much bud I try to grind at once it’ll all go down in 5 back & forth motions

Philly_King — 01/30/2022 8:29 PM

Worth every dollar

CBT123 — 06/28/2023 2:36 AM

Loving it

Ryn — 06/19/2023 10:44 PM

after almost having it for a year, i can still say it’s the best grinder i’ve used and seen

Caplocks — 11/02/2023 9:47 PM

First off, the looks after opening the package are dumby wild and the feel while its in your hand, nothin like it. Quite durable and definitely waterproof. Second, ther functionality of this grinder is second to none. Never felt anything like it. Shipping was super fast and packaging was reliable. Definitely a 13/10 buy with the engravings. If anyone has problems with grinding, use olive oil on the o-rings and that should fix most of the issues.

🅿ercules — 02/07/2023 11:19 PM

Just came in

LLSkrillez4L — 12/26/2022 4:18 AM

Yoooo got my grinder in time for Christmas very impressed with the quality very hefty grinder mine came fast but it is definitely worth it shit is amazing cant wait to grind up some bud thanks for an awesome product

WIllieBillie — 06/21/2023 7:56 PM

Absolutely great product! WORTH THE WAIT AND PRICE! Feels amazing quality, grinds bud good, and stores a nice amount in the grinder itself! 10/10! Will be recommending to others! And the Discord staff is amazingly helpful, and they truly care about helping/the company. Cheers to Qubus. Be patient! ITS WORTH IT!!

JFKs Grandma — 11/16/2023 8:38 PM

Just got my grinder 30 minutes ago, It honestly cannot compare to any other grinder Ive used. So many times i've struggled to get the teeth to actually break down my buds (I tend to have very dense sticky bud) but qubus just cut through it like it was empty. I honestly can recommend this especially with the quality control, it feels comfy to hold and each magnet does its job. Yall have really turned it around, I cant wait to see what you guys have in stock in the future. Will definitely be buying again. (I love the catcher how its a cylindrical shape, I hate the short-flat catchers in grinders with the mesh getting clogged)

uglyfem — 11/29/2022 11:29 PM

just came home from thanksgiving holiday to this bad boy i got for the bf!! so fucking dope 10/10

ngreen — 12/06/2022 2:02 AM

Just got the fine grinder piece, so hyped it came in so fast can’t wait to try it out
Grinds amazing perfect for my bong

🪐retard🪐 — 12/06/2022 9:23 PM

just got mine. no bud to test it on rn but from what i can tell it’s the nicest grinder i’ve had. first thing i noticed was how heavy it is

Jpalz — 10/30/2023 10:38 PM

No basket homie but still worth…packaged by gobby himself. Came in 2 days.

Terry The Tree — 11/02/2023 5:15 PM

Swft¥ — 11/03/2023 7:34 PM

Absolutely beautiful. Amazing design @goblin…only thing is for $150 I wish it had the keef basket.

Easily highest quality grinder I’ve owned though. Appreciate the fast shipping and hope you doin well after lastnight

mike oxmaul — 09/16/2023 3:59 AM

I’ve had a qubus for awhile now its had some wear on it a lot of falls and still in good shape one time it fell on a coworkers foot from 6+feet up, wont ever need another grinder..maybe a custom qubus eventually

meganbonti — 07/10/2023 8:28 PM

I don’t have any pictures but I have to say that my significant other is absolutely loving his Qubus! It was an agonizing wait and I didn’t even have to wait as long as other customers have. He really enjoys the regular grind, the size of the Qubus, as well as how much it holds. He was surprised at how heavy it was and is pleased with that as well. It’s clear that it’s good quality.

The only negatives I have don’t have really anything to do with the grinder itself, but with how the whole process went to get the grinder. I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but Qubus’ shipping and packing process needs an immense overhaul, as well as an easier support experience for many. (For example, don’t package such an expensive product in ONLY a couple paper towels for protection during shipping.)

It’s a great product and we’re glad we finally have something that we’ve been waiting so long for. Glad it got here before our kid was born :) 4/5 stars

neo.T5 — 06/22/2023 2:39 PM

Got mine yesterday. it’s frkin sick. Definitely worth the wait.

express4444 — 06/10/2023 1:21 AM

Ive ground up about 6.5 grams and ive gotten over a gram of keef, it grinds it perfectly for joints and blunts, i can definitely see why these are worth the price

Geeraff — 05/31/2023 12:54 AM

I actually think I like the way brushed metal looks. What do you think?

Yo McNeely! — 11/17/2023 3:16 AM

Got mine in today as well, I love it. The weight is incredible, it feels very high end. Like an Apple product of grinders lmao, I do notice 1 or 2 dings, but other than that it’s great. The magnets are tough, the basket is great. Basket does rattle to very slightest extent, so, if you think it’s your magnets, it’s just your basket. I’ll definitely update at some point. Btw, it did take mine from first of July to get here today. Well worth the wait though.

em is seeing nessa 🤍

got my qubus today, there is a small scratch on the bottom but nothing to freak out over ! couldn’t be happier with my grinder!!! thank you to the mods for listening to my bullshit during the time i was waiting!!

striker — 11/14/2022 8:14 PM

Chefstony420 — 05/19/2023 12:56 AM

Got mine today after the long wait I’m so happy to have them

Rahil — 05/18/2023 8:22 PM

Just got my qubus absolutely love it some minor scuffs but besides that its amazing

me — 04/13/2023 3:14 AM

Akumpo — 04/12/2023 8:16 PM

Been using mine for over a year and it still works like brand new. These are simply the best grinders you can get and are totally worth the wait. The purple one took over 6 months to get to me and the wait (although super long) was worth it in the long run. The goblin one only came quick because it was a creator drop(still need y’all to drop some custom slims this shit is fire asf)

ItsYeThrasher — 04/11/2023 12:00 PM

moemoney — 04/10/2023 11:20 PM

So hyped when I seen the box this morning, broke up my first J and the wait since december instantaneously was worth it, compared to my old ass chromium crusher this qubus fuckin shreds, absolutely god tier

bluntbitch007 — 04/08/2023 6:47 AM

came in today and can show everyone who said i was getting scammed super cute, heavyduty magnets too so dw if you ever drop it w weed in there that shit is secure

Spade — 04/07/2023 11:05 PM

immediately worth the wait. bout to grind up some bud in it right now

Mcrab69 — 03/29/2023 8:54 PM

finally got mine after half a year of waiting probably one of ther first if not the first in austria but i cant smoke for half a year but waiting on my homegrow cookie gelato to try ir out quality is fire tho

Thus — 02/15/2023 6:22 PM

Bet you guys have never seen some boof ass weed from Mexico in a qubus

Reddot — 12/31/2022 9:22 AM

2 year old grinder, works like day one!

Fallout_Player_3 — 12/28/2022 8:40 PM

It took 5+ months but man was it worth every sec and penny this thing is quality and just feels right in your hands.

{MOD} im.alan — 12/04/2022 7:32 AM

So here's my Qubus that I purchased last year, still on the first o-ring. It's gone thru... 5+ lbs of flower or more and I rarely oil mine. When I do, it's a light wipe of food grade oil, and no excess. Most likely it depends on how much you're grinding at a time? Are you putting a lot of force while grinding? I usually make sure the top is snapped back in place and then press and grind.

CounterAttack — 12/03/2022 7:21 AM

The Qubus is ALMOST the perfect grinder, but unfortunately has 1 MAJOR design flaw. The o-ring from only a month use (lubed every week) shreds a lot of silicone into your grinder at very small sizes. I recommend to the design team to change the seals to not be impacted by constant friction when being used. I will say, i have never used a grinder that works this well effortless. The teeth are razer sharp. I don’t wanna smoke silicone tho. I’m not going to use the seals unfortunately.

voodux — 11/28/2022 11:46 PM

13 stars, definitely worth the wait

Cat — 11/25/2022 10:31 PM

I bought the goblin slim and got it at the beginning of November. Now having for almost a month I can confidently say this will be my forever grinder. It shreds bud perfectly and effortlessly. It puts all my previous grinders to shame. 10/10 just don’t drop it on your feet that hurts lmao

Walter2k — 11/25/2022 12:17 AM

I got my peace and love qubus today and ngl after using a lil olive oil on it I cant stop playing with it. Its the most satisfying thing ever.

powerlinejon — 11/09/2022 11:44 PM

Overall very nice 4.8/5 But there is 2 light scratch’s on the corner of the basket, and multiple slight dings on the top piece. @Engineer/Designer but all in all very nice and well made

blurrs — 11/07/2022 9:11 PM

grinder is pretty sick, havent used it too much yet but it def doesnt struggle, my only complaint is theres sum rough spots on the paint, it obviously doesnt effect the grinder but it def woulda been nice if these spots werent there ! other than that tho its pretty sick, 4/5

Talan — 11/05/2022 9:40 PM

I’m going to give an honest review
the grinder is amazing it dose its job well
imma have to give a hug thanks to @Engineer/Designer i had bank issues and he helped me out
its air locked you cannot smell the weed inside very useful
you can also play with it like a rubix cube very fun to play with
the only problem is that because its air locked so you can loose little weed from the bottom opening it
the design is high quality its smooth and the goblin text is super shape and slick
you can also get some magnets and hold it up like in the photo because the magnets stick just right to prop it up

overall imma give it a 4.8 out of 5 just because you can loose some weed if your not careful

zira — 11/05/2022 7:25 PM

so happy with my grinder!!

Let Me Exist — 10/19/2022 3:08 AM

Finally got mine. Ordered it on July 1st. Love this thing

Ryn — 10/18/2022 12:54 AM

Just came in today, did the olive oil trick for the o-ring, best grinder i’ve ever used. the build quality is insane. 100% worth the wait

cworkman92 — 10/17/2022 4:52 AM

I’m obsessed with this grinder… 10/10

ngreen — 10/04/2022 6:57 PM

Ordered June 13th, finally got it today (October 4). It’s an amazing product as long as you don’t mind waiting. Don’t order this thinking it’ll come within the month because it will not. Just glad I was finally able to get mine.

synister — 10/02/2022 10:10 AM

hoping to receive my custom soon now that they're moved but im already in love with this one

akira — 10/02/2022 1:02 AM

i ordered my grinder june 16. after about 90 days i finally made a ticket on discord and my order showed up about 10 days later. patience is absolutely a virtue if you’re considering ordering this firstly, then you can decide how fine you want your weed, if you prefer your weed coarser not fine then this grinder is probably amazing for your purposes but that’s about it. it’s a cube, looks good, high quality, magnets seem decent enough. i prefer to use a mix of my qubus grinder and my old one when packing a bowl or bong to be honest i like the product would say 8/10

GrandpaGroper — 09/25/2022 8:30 PM

Aye I got mine in 12 days shit is exquisite

Vuxxi — 08/02/2022 6:43 PM

Just got my qubus and after a day of using it so far I can say it’s 100% worth the wait. Even just feeling the grinder you know it’s quality made and the way it grinds flower is perfect for taking some nice bong rips all in all it’s worth the wait just gotta be patient!

overdose — 06/11/2022 8:33 PM

I got my qubus today! I think it looks amazing, definitely worth the wait. I am missing a magnet though in the middle piece.(edited)

StinkeyStingray — 06/07/2022 2:03 AM

Much worth the wait it’s a super dope grinder it’s nice and heavy it feels good in your hand is deff worth the wait and the money

Grinder is badass just got it and I can say it shreds as good as they say and feels awesome in the hand fs

jeremyschild — 05/17/2022 8:41 PM

Well I was a little skeptical at first about it but I’m glad I waited, the build quality seems good, the magnets are such an upgrade over the clunky screw together grinders, no material so I can’t really review the grind but when I get some I’ll update, one thing I did want to add was I did not get a bag which I thought all came with which was a little disappointing but I don’t really care

luca — 05/16/2022 11:58 PM

Hands down best grinder I’ve ever used I love this shit it’s super heavy and gives a nice grind I also love that you can put the weed in the middle of the grinder bc there’s no magnet there

RawEggEnema — 05/16/2022 4:28 AM

Absolutely Stunning product worth the wait. Will probably be buying more in the future

chelbie — 05/15/2022 11:00 PM

brunos82 — 05/14/2022 2:08 AM


YEETONURBIH — 05/13/2022 9:39 PM

Awesome Job, processing is a little slow but great quality for sure. My engraving is nicely executed too. Over all happy in the quality department. Cant wait to use this bad boy tn.

staeke — 05/12/2022 10:41 PM

Received my package today and opened it to find this beauty inside. I'm blessed after hearing the horror stories of the wait times to only have ordered it 3 weeks ago so that's a huge plus. The blades work better than my old grinder and I'm hoping they'll hold up better than my last as well. It fits in really well on a shelf and doesn't stand out like a normal circular grinder. My biggest concern was the bit of scuff marks inside the ashtray which is understandable anyhow. Aside from that, i just have to adapt to the magnets and square build, but holding it is also more comfortable than a circle one anyway. Buying another one in the next week for the homies birthday, and after that i want to get a new one with an engraving to make it feel more custom. But this does its job well and I'd recommend it to anybody who wants a grinder that feels more comfortable or doesn't get jammed from clogged seams. Also a little side note, the grind quality is absolutely perfect for a nice slow burning king palm. Probably won't buy too many more circular grinders however there's still some occasions where grind quality will matter and i have a couple of other grinders with different size holes. If you want a finer grind you can try flipping it and grinding it for a minute but i haven't tried personally. It's epic tho

Scum God — 02/09/2022 6:37 AM

im.alan — 02/06/2022 8:02 AM

All I can say is... This is the best grinder.. EVER... No compromises, the wait was worth it. Thank you QUBUS team!!

Kyuchii — 02/01/2022 5:20 PM

BIG NASTY — 10/04/2022 6:38 PM

Ordered July 24th received October 4th. The wait defiantly had me angry at some points but all in all, 10/10 on this bad boy.