“Design is intelligence made visible.”

Are you sick of screwing in and out your grinder just to access the goods?

A Simple Twist

Our innovative patented magnetic lock system works by maintaining a strong air-tight and water-proof seal when engaged and requires a simple twist to disengage.
This allows for quick access of contents while also keeping your herbs fresh.

Don't you sometimes want your herbs and spices with their pollen?

Quick-Release Basket

Where most grinders use a four-layer construction, QUBUS’ catcher is in the form of an integrated removable basket.
This basket can be easily removed once opening the bottom compartment, and removing the basket allows users to access the excess pollen that has been collected

Aren't you tired of not being able to use the entire teeth area?

Unique Teeth Design and Layout

Sharp teeth allow for the herb to be ground much easier. Outer-mounted magnets allow for the entire grinding area to be utilized, even the center.
These two design choices allow for incredibly easy grinding as well as an increased grinding capacity.