Production Policy

  1. Production Time Range: The production of the product may take anywhere from one month up to three months, depending on various factors such as demand, availability of raw materials, production capacity, and order volume.

  2. Order Placement: Once an order is placed for QUBUS Grinders, the production process begins.

  3. Estimated Production Time: Upon order confirmation, customers are provided with an estimated production time range of one to three months. This range is communicated to set the expectation that the production process may take up to three months but could be completed in as little as one month.

  4. Manufacturing Time: The production of the grinders typically takes up to one month from the date of order placement. This includes various stages such as sourcing raw materials, assembly, quality control, and packaging.

  5. Updates and Notifications: Customers may receive periodic updates regarding the progress of their order. In case of any changes or delays in the estimated production time, timely notifications will be provided to keep customers informed.

  6. Fulfillment Prioritization: Orders are typically fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. However, certain factors such as urgency or special requests may impact the prioritization of orders within the given production time range.

  7. Shipping Time: It's important to note that the production time range specified in the policy refers to the time required for manufacturing and does not include shipping or transit time. Customers should consider the additional shipping time when estimating the overall delivery timeline.

  8. Customer Support: If customers have any questions or concerns regarding their order or the production timeline, they are encouraged to reach out to the customer support team for assistance and updates.