How is my QUBUS made?

We CNC machine each QUBUS in house, and hand assemble them in house. We are proud to be an all american made product!

Why dont you ship right away?

We make each QUBUS custom to every order, so as soon as your order is placed we start working on it.

Will the magnets ever lose strength?

No, the magnets we use are premium earth magnets (N48). The magnetization never weakens, any problems let us know we are more than happy to help!

How much herb can be put at once?

The QUBUS was designed to grind 1 gram herb to 3 grams at once!

Which part gets the text engraving?

The text engraving is intending for the bottom piece.

What shipping method do you use?

We use USPS’s Priority Shipping so once your QUBUS goes out expect it to arrive 2-5 Days later!

What happens when I run out of O-Rings?

You can always buy extra(1$ each).

How long will it take for my QUBUS to ship?

Completing an order can take up to 4 weeks due to high demand. You can now track the stage your order is in with the tracker!

Is engraving possible

Text engraving is available at checkout

Are more colors going to be available

More colors will be available within time

Will there be options for a finer grind quality or chunkier

Chunkier and finer grind quality mid pieces will be added soon

How to clean the QUBUS

Use 70-99% Iso alcohol to wipe down and clean your QUBUS

What are the black stuff around the edges of the QUBUS

Those are herb remnants that have disintegrated, just wipe down with alcohol